Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Oscars building up their fascistic anti-cinema fortress.

As I am situated at the hell mouth, last Sunday I attempted a mission. My aim was to infiltrate and spread the cinematic gospel of SW via fliers, eggs, and/or violence. The masses descended on the anti-cinematic event, that was shit down for blocks around like a warzone,  making it inaccessible for miles around. If you could get through the crowds, those who truly respect the art of cinema had to face an impenetrable literal and artistic blockade. Then after the end of the symbolic violence, I couldn't deal with living, so I put a pillow over my head and let my mind take me.

Urban shutdown, one of multiple ways film award shows abolish freedom.

The Oscars are an award show that critics, aside from the part of the year they get their only front page story, have disowned. Who should of won? For best picture either the solid Social Network or somewhat risky Winter's Bone, due to a complex performance Javier Bardem for best actor (Firth should of won for A Single Man (one of the best performances ever)), Jennifer Lawrence for leading actress because she embodies Winter's Bone, The Illusionist for animated feature because Toy Story 3 was not wholly filmic, Social Network for cinematography as it worked with and truly pushed HD technologies, David Fincher for director for making a concise and solid film (still not his best), and I Am Love should of been nominated/won for art direction because all the film was 100% beautiful art direction.

Stay down mother fucker. 

Film was shit this year. Our analysis of the show runners, Black Swan and King Speech establishes that the winners were far from the best films of the year. Fincher's output was a solid and then Winter's Bone at least constituted somewhat of a risk and of a underground spirit. Only the former though counts as something you should watch. Instead of losing sleep over the Oscar travesty, check out Joshua Martin's and my own top films of 2010. Then wait for issue 2 where we will have SW's collective top 10 that is joined by an analysis of why cinematic viewership was soul crushing in 2010.

You could also not waste your time and just start fighting for a world that is not decided by industry pay offs, but by an engaged populace who propagandize and circulate decent cinema themselves. If you make bad cinema, you will not be able to break into such a scene. Rather you will be put on trial and your verdict will be guilty. Your final goodbye apologies will work towards some relief to people who actually like movies. NO FREEDOM UNTIL CINEMA. 



  1. Can't believe you just knocked Toy Story 3. Not wholly filmic? Did you really need high art with a movie like that?

    Anyway, thanks for trying to blow that shit up. I know it's not politically correct joking about bombs on the net but seriously, you tried and on behalf of film fans we recognize your bravery.

  2. Toy Story 3 had some really great moments. Plus, the Pixar studio as a whole cares more about film form than most filmmakers. Just check out any of their composition, lighting, camera movement, etc.

    I just felt The Illusionist was a more solid film. Toy Story 3 had very comedic moments that took from the whole I felt. Luckily they were able to keep the ship from sinking. So I still felt it was a strong film. Fuck Pixar, why do they make me stand up for franchised cinema????

  3. Next year I will do some destruction.