Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Upcoming Films Philadelphia

Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

Issue #2 of Shooting Wall should be available shortly. The layout if finished and we are just working on making sure everything is correct. We should start printing beginning of next week. I will keep everyone up to date, but the issue should be out by April 1 at the latest.

Below are a list of upcoming films in the Philadelphia area worth checking out.

International House:

Thursday March 17th at 7pm: J. Hoberman and Robert Aldrich's Kiss Me Deadly. Film critic J. Hoberman will be at IHouse discussing his new book An Army of Phantoms: American Movies and the Making of the Cold War. He will be reading and discussing his new book, as well as introducing Robert Aldrich's essential late film noir Kiss Me Deadly. This should be a fun night for Philadelphia cinephiles. Everyone should come out.

Saturday March 19th at 7pm - Sansho - The Baliff by Kenji Mizoguchi

Opening at The Ritz Friday March 18th:

Kaboom by Gregg Araki

Chestnut Hill Film Group:

Tuesday March 22 at 7:30 - A Delicate Balance by Tony Richardson

Cinefest scheduled should be posted Monday March 21, so stayed tuned for more on that.


  1. Now, is Cinefest better or worse than the Philly Film Fest?

  2.'s hard to say. They cancelled cinefest last year, but the 2009 festival was decent, so I am hoping for the best. Let's hope it turns out to be better than Philly Film Fest!