Monday, March 7, 2011

IFC Playing Commerical During Movies

Was watching a film I recorded from IFC this morning only to notice that they are now playing commericals DURING the movies. They used to play commerical between movies and shows and now, low and fucking behold, they are playing commerical during their movies. IFC is dead. You are not independent if you play commericals during your movies. IFC you are the probably; even Sundance doesn't play commerical during their films. You cannot claim to show original, non-mainstream and cutting edge foreign and independent films and then stick fucking car ads into the movies. YOU ARE NOT CUTTING EDGE. IFC channel is now officially an enemy of cinema. Soldiers and cinephiles, take to the message boards, write letters, write emails and let IFC know that they are now utter shit for playing ads during their films.

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