Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dear Cinematic Militants,

Here is the best of the films this week. I highly suggest seeing Pitfall, Faces, and Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall his Past Lives (#4 on SW's top 10 of 2010). Kill your parents if they are enemies of film and start psychologically preparing yourself for issue #2 of SW, which is finished and will be hitting the streets soon.

And if you are in LA and like the films I am pushing here, please throw me an email at shootingwallzine@gmail.com. We should discuss tactics on overthrowing shit cinema. 

Steamboat Bill Jr.: My favorite of silent master Buster Keaton. In my opinion his most hilarious, but also his most acrobatic. Featuring the infamous falling building gag.
Wednesday 4/15 The Cinefamily 8pm 

Maltese Falcon: Classic film noir from John Huston. Sunday 4/20 6pm Bay Theater

For The Cinematically Strong:  
So How They Fell: Director of the recent Cannes award winning The Prophet first work.
Friday 4/18 7:30 LACMA

Pitfall: One of Japan's greatest directors Hiroshi Teshigahara's masterpiece. A must see for fans of Park, Lynch, Miike, Cronenberg, etc. 
Friday 4/18 9:10 LACMA 
Lost Highway: Only recommended for diehard fans of David Lynch. Has elements that he later perfected in his recent works of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, but has moments that can only be characterized as poor directorial choices. 
Midnight 4/18 Art Theater of Long Beach

The Hour Of The Furnaces: From the authors of the much debated Third Cinema manifesto Towards A Third Cinema comes a film only for those in-tune with Marxist politics and art. Fans of Godard's Maoist works should run out to this one.
Saturday 4/19 2pm LACMA

Chronicle Of Anna Madalena Bach: If you're into minimalist cinema, i.e. aesthetically pleasing long takes static shots, check this one out.
Saturday 4/19 7:30pm LACMA

 Underrated Gem:
Manhunter: Underrated American director Michael Mann will appear in person to do a Q&A after the 2nd best, after Silence Of The Lambs, of the Harris book adaptations. Far from the novel, this films showed the birth of Mann's interest in power through the lens of dialectics via two main characters holding different ideologies.
Saturday 4/18 7:30 Egyptian Theater

Proto-indie/DIY Realist director retrospective this month at The Cinefamily 4/17-4/19. 

Minnie & Moskowitz 
Thursday 8pm 

Friday 7:30pm 

Woman Under The Influence/Gloria Double Feature: 
Saturday 7pm 

Theatrical Runs:
Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives A must see for any cinephile.
Redland  Evokes Terrence Malick, so fans of that filmmaker check this one out. 
Battleship Potemkin Master director Sergei Eisenstein's classic of Soviet Montage. Please check out his texts Film Sense and Film Form if you want to further strengthen your film thoery. 

-It is not a question of dying for cinema, 

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