Sunday, February 27, 2011


Greetings Cinematic Militants,

My name is Karl Starkweather, I'm out in Hollywood for a couple months to analyze the on the ground situation of mainstream cinema. I'm also building a West Coast army, situated in the belly of the beast, as a means of last resort.

As comrade Joshua does in Philadelphia, weekly I will propagandize significant film screenings in the Los Angeles area. I will try to make most of these, in-which we can meet and discuss recruitment. And if I missed a movie, let me know (

Monday, February 28th:
Kazan's East Of Eden 8:00pm @ Bay Theater

Wednesday, March 2nd:
Stroheim's The Wedding March 8:00pm @ Cinefamily

Thursday, March 3rd:
*Hitchcock's Shadow of A Doubt 1:30pm @ Bowers Museum
*Altman's Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean 7:30pm @ Billy Wilder Theatre
*Kazan's East Of Eden 8:00pm @ Bay Theater

Friday, March 4th:
*Cukor's Camille 8:15pm @ Old Town Music Hall

*Beautiful Dreamer: The Early Films of Catherine Deneuve:
Buñuel's Belle Du Jour 7:30pm @ LACMA
Polanski's Repulsion 9:20pm @ LACMA

Saturday March 5th:
*Cukor's Camille 2:30pm & 8:15pm @ Old Town Music Hall

*Double Feature 7:30pm @ Billy Wilder Theatre:
Sirk's Sleep My Love
Mann's Strangers In The Nigh

Sunday, March 6th:
Cukor's Camille 2:30pm @ Old Town Music Hall

Theatrical runs:
Jee-woon's I Saw The Devil 1:30, 4:45 & 8:00 Fri, March 4th – Thurs, March 10th @ Nuart

1. Cinefamily is doing a month of Cassavetes
2. New Beverly Cinema is doing a month of screenings handpicked by Tarantino himself for his birthday. Also, they are doing a full version of Kill Bill!

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  1. I would kill to see some of these, and In Philly, I'm rarely ever inspired enough to leave the house. Despite the presence of Hollywood, it's nice to see this kind of programming at these theaters.