Wednesday, March 30, 2011

East Coast Video Philadelphia

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East Coast Video, Flux’s current project, showcases local video makers.

Look forward to screenings of curated groups of artists from rotating east-coast cities atFLUXspace.

The Philadelphia Edition of East Coast Video is curated by Egina Manachova and will exhibit the short, witty, films of Leslie Rogers, David Kessler, Katya Gorker and Spencer Sheridan.

Roger’s Mouth Puppet Series confronts the morally gray area that her puppets and her audience inhabit. Kessler wants all of us to discover new and exciting products for the whole family in his World of Products I & II. Gorker’s “First Thoughts, Last Words” will take us on what she describes as “an episodic, no strings tour of emotional ventriloquism”. A clueless soul finds little direction in the Universe in Spencer Sheridan’s The Last Starfighter: Part 2.

Catch these moving images on Thursday, March 31st at 9:00 pm sharp. The artists will be on hand to discuss their work post screening. Stay to celebrate this evening of video with good spirits and the sound of hand-spun vinyl tunes leading your feet on to the dance floor. For an even better dance routine, BYOB a drink that hints at a refined palette.

The FLUXbus will be shuttling both from the Huntingson El stop, as it always does, BUT ALSO from the Teach 4 Amerika rally at Tyler. We’ll do a pickup there at 8:30pm. Just let us know you’re taking the bus by calling 914-806-4889!

Visit the FLUXspace website to read more about the show, including bios of the four artists and images from their work.


Upcoming Calender:

More East Coast Video Volumes!

And, in mid April, your responses to Chris Kraus's Where Art Belongs hit the streets of the world... Keep your eyes peeled and keep it up! So super exciting!

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FLUXspacelogoFLUXspace is a Philadelphia based 501(c)3 contemporary cultural space that provides a platform for unrestricted intellectual and creative inquiry. We seek to explore relevant cultural phenomenon that is under examined, unfamiliar or of uncertain importance. We are interested in challenging the traditionally passive role of the viewer and conventional understanding(s) of art making. As a collaborative, we aim to be agents of the same intellectual and creative inquiry in order to challenge standard notions of cultural value. We reject individualism in favor of other models of work, social responsibility, and generosity.

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