Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is Shooting Wall:

Shooting Wall is a revolutionary cinematic organization. Its aim is to embolden the filmmakers and film theorists who assert what we refer to as “film truth.” Indeed, there exists a criterion for the cinematic. For us, it lies not in the advocation of film movements that revolve themselves around the complicated ideas of counter-cinema. It lies in our definition of cinematic, which we tell in three simple points immovable in their logical strength:

Film is a visual medium.

Film is an auteur-based art.

Film is not reality.


Shooting Wall will be comprised of various chapters, with its own magazine being the central organ. Any grouping of people who agree with our three points of cinema will be the ones starting the chapters. They will be the council to head all stances and theories, developed through the magazine and meetings. Spreading film truth must be done in the most organized and effective method possible. With cinema the way it is today, we have to go beyond the petty bourgeois and individualist style that is evolving on the internet and concentrate more on collective, experimental, committed forms of action.

Ideology and Film Movements:

Shooting Wall believes in unity. This is what shapes our stances and theories, how we will persistently make known what is cinematic. We have no use involving ourselves with the type of counter-cinema that has prevented past film movements from taking power due to their strict ideology. After all, it is exactly why film theory and criticism have lost their way. We will not be hindered by ideas that have already been proven as failures. Our way is to strengthen the foundations of pure cinema, meaning we leave academia behind because there is no need having it mixed with film theory. There are weapons specific only to cinema which we take hold of through analyzing the greats and by having an unbiased opposition to Hollywood cliches. We arm ourselves with these weapons in a desire to save cinema and if there is to be a war, it is between those of us who use the weapons and those who do not.

Cinematic Revolution:

Shooting Wall knows times are dire, the cinematic has been derided and the hunt for an honest piece of work is weakened by the herds of films lacking any integrity. It is now gradually losing its importance as art. There needs to be something to assure a cinematic future that's worth a damn. If all those who support the cause we present can agree upon film truth and what it means, that unity is where our theories of strength are built. Then, we have a foundation. We push our cause and truth through the magazine, by the power of social networks, in our protests of non-cinema. Filmmakers, theorists and critics, Shooting Wall is insisting you need to start taking film more seriously. We are proposing that you join us and make cinema a way of life. Our war cry: NO FILM BUT CINEMATIC FILM!