Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Stay down mother fucker! The nominations for the awards show that even the mainstream critics criticize have been announced. Expect a more theoretically charged analysis of the Oscars and awards shows in general in issue 2 of SW.

I just want to announce the surprises. It is a good to see Winter's Bone even get nominated, when the mainstream said it wasn't going to and 4 times (Best film, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Adapted Screenplay). I personally was not a fan of the film, but it represents somewhat of underground spirit with how it was made (a bunch of documentarians got together and "just made a movie" in a lot of ways) and its dark subject matter (its a modern gritty film noir that takes place in the Ozarks and/or 'real America'). Still, where was the best director nod? The director, Debra Granik, surely deserved it over Tom Hooper whose King's Speech had nothing going on, Darren Arononfsky who made his worst to date, and David O Russell whose The Fighter film ends with showing us its aim of acquiring Oscars. Or is that Bigelow won, so now get a break from female director nominations for a few?

Then with the foreign category we did not see Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives or White Material. Not sure if those films were not the ones submitted, but the former at least represents one of the best films made in years.

Expect more hate come issue 2!


  1. Another year and another group of shitty films and actors and writers and directors who don't deserve to be nominated. There were two films directed by women and neither of those women were nominated for best director. In 2011, it is totally unacceptable for the best director nominations to be all men. There are consistenly great films being made by women. Why does Hollywood have such an aversion to this? When you can count on one hand the number of women who have been nominated for best director, then that is a serious problem. Down with the Oscars! Shitty people giving other shitty people shitty awards.

  2. I would like to know what 10 films the cinematic revolutionists at Shooting Wall would like to nominate for best movie of 2010.
    Yesterday I picked up a copy of the Shooting Wall booklet at Vidiots. Initially I was excited by the content, as I too am a filmmaker outside the mainstream, but as I read the entire booklet I found it was filled with so much nonsense and contradiction that I don't even know if the writers are serious, or not.

  3. What exactly were the contradictions and nonsense you found in the issue? You can see our 10 best films on the blog. Do you really believe the 10 films selected by the Oscars are even remotely close to the 10 best films made this year? I would really love to hear what you found to be nonsensical about the issue? Please email us your response at shootingwallzine@gmail.com. I wouldn't say that even one of the films nominated was even remotely close to the best film of the year. I would also like to know what mainstream you exist outside of if something like Black Swan or Inception or True Grit are what you consider to be the best films of the year. You may call yourself an independent filmmaker, but if you subscribe to the notions set forth by the likes of Sundance and IFC, then you are also part of the problem. "Independent" has become a genre and not a way of making films. Please feel free to email us and we will be happy to address any issue you have and prove to you that you are wrong and are probably not really making films outside of the mainstream. What were your 10 favorite films of the year, CaptZeep?