Wednesday, January 19, 2011


All I can wish for in this life is to see a slaughter when I turn on the television. More even when I encounter an awards show. It is common knowledge that the Globes winners are picked by the Hollywood Foreign Press Asscoation (HFPA). With the complacency and acceptance of the mediocre that we have come to accept from the mainstream critical press, the winners will always be boring.

This year is no exception, but when one tuned in they didn't get the violence they would hope for. No, they only received horrors like The Kids Are Alright torturing us with a nomination and then murdering us with winning the award for Best Comedy or Musical. The competent film Social Network won best picture and the competent director David Fincher won best director. This though and everything else just added to lethargy, the so-so made-for-awards film The Fighter won and actor who goes crazy equals award was Natalie Portman. Such was so mind-numbing it was a tragedy for humanity to deal with the fact this not only was happening somewhere on the planet, but that such energy was put into something like it in course of human history. So, like me, you turned it off and hoped for the deaths of the HFPA, who obviously get paid off by studios to make their blockbusters or films that are 1/3 blockbusters (anything 'indie' studios put out) get a couple more ticket sales because the viewership doesn't know the sham got caught

We now have grounds for tribunals and an organized front is in order to enact such hearings. Who amongst the readers of this blog will be the spark that leads to such a beautiful bloody spectacle?


  1. The only bright spot to the telecast was Ricky Gervais's unmerciful assault of Hollywood. His jokes were offensive enough for the president of the Hollywood Foregin Press to claim he went to far. It was great to see all those hacks squirming in their seats as Gervais made fun of them to their faces. He has started the insults, like us continue with them!

  2. What delicate usage of a picture of public execution.

    I guess it's somewhat amusing to watch celebrities at an award show, about the only purpose to tune in, as the nominations/winners are always either predictable or frustrating and not worth the anticipation at all. These Golden Globes were particularly sketchy with noms for both Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in The Tourist - a movie whose primary criticism was that the 2 lead actors have no chemistry. If nearly every critic came to this consensus, how were they nominated? I'm tired of these actors. Depp is great but his work lately has been extremely safe and therefore boring. Jolie is quite possibly in the top 3 most uninteresting actresses.