Friday, January 21, 2011


Gondry's Science Of Sleep used the infantilization of indie underground film scene of arts and crafts with ironic romanization of the retro to create a highly depressing film about a man who rather let his mind take him into a world of sleep than deal with the horror of reality. Even with the common knowledge that a Seth Rogen written and produced action film would not be high art, I hoped that Gondry's would do something new & unique with 3D and a high budget. The fallacy of 3D is fairly obvious, screens end and the 2D nature of cinema is where the art is found through composition and the escape found in that anti-reality, but I was moronically hoping that Gondry would of somehow fought the studio to make his 3D “reality” one that dealt with the horrors of reality we were exposed to in Science Of Sleep.

This obviously didn't happen and about 3% of the film showed any of Gondry's influence. Comic book films yield high profits due to already established markets, but you still hope that when they get a talented director you'll see them take it as an opportunity. This is a bourgeois notion, that the talented will still stay consistent even with Big Cinema breathing down their necks. It's like an Ayn Rand novel and it's fucking nonsense. Not sure why he still made the highly personal documentary with heavy personal influence The Thorn In The Heart and then just did some work for a paycheck around the same time. That unneeded contrast aside, avoid this dreadful cliché and mainstream film at all costs. (Even if you're a fan of Rogen because the film is not funny).

Verdict: Shit.

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