Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shooting Wall Film Series #1

Shooting Wall has posted the first film to our Vimeo page, which is a film by Joshua Martin entitled Deal(s). This film is the launch of a new series of Shooting Wall "commissioned" films (we place commissioned in quotations because, although, we are asking and aiding filmmakers in the creation of these films, we cannot pay them to do so, which is the general meaning of a commissioned film and, hence, the quotation marks around it). This means that Shooting Wall is going to be actively seeking out filmmakers and asking them to create new works for the explicit purpose of being posted and shared on our Vimeo page and then screened at a future Shooting Wall screening or event. We will be asking local filmmakers whom we believe are making the most original, interesting, and forward-thinking cinema to produce films no more than 15 minutes long and will be offering our aid with equipment, casting, production, and post-production. This new series is aimed at bringing together a group of filmmakers we at Shooting Wall believe to be the future of cinema and give them an opportunity to make original works, have support from other filmmakers and artists, and to have a venue in which to have their films screened and promoted. We hope that this series will further our goal of creating a community of like minded critics, filmmakers, theorists, and cinephiles in Philadelphia. Please check out this first work and continue to look for further films. If you are a filmmaker interested in participating in this project, please send us an email at shootingwallzine@gmail.com.

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