Sunday, November 13, 2011


We really would prefer you go pick up the free print version of our latest issue our zine if you're in the Philadelphia area. Get out of your house, be amongst the people, and/or here is where you can find them:

South Street:
The Wooden Shoe (704 South St)
Bean Cafe (615 South St)
Black Bird (507 South 6th St) 
Bohdi (410 South 2nd St)

Old City:
Ritz Theater at the Bourse(400 Ranstead St)
AKA Music (27 N 2nd St)

Center City: 
The Last Drop Coffee Shop (1300 Pine St)
University of The Arts (On Film/Video floor)

West Philadelphia
International House (3701 Chestnut St)
Penn Cinema Studies (209A Fisher-Bennett Hall 3340 Walnut St)
Institute of Contemporary Art (118 South 36th St)

South Philadelphia:
Grindcore House (1515 South 4th St)

North Philadelphia:
Temple University- Annenberg Hall (2020 North 13th St)

Cinema 16:9 (35 N Lansdowne Ave  Lansdowne, PA)

If you're not in Philly or the spot you went to has run out we'll restock them, let us know via

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