Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Here is a link to some more photos of the event. We successfully played a film that suggested that it is "more complicated" than we think to just occupy a place, work with the mainstream left, to be a woman worker, etc., right onto City Hall in a constructively critical fashion. Quite possibly the real way this film was supposed to be projected and seen. The film also, in terms of aesthetics, directly connected to the visuals going on at Occupy Philly. The banner you can see below in the flier existed also at City Hall. And our post-film discussion eluded to the film, but also interestingly broke out into wider Occupy Philly strategy, which was our intention with the film. We should be doing this every Tuesday at 9pm at the same spot, would appreciate to see some new faces to discuss the films and grow as revolutionary people through the power of the cinema.

Just to portray a unique moment before we played the film here. It was sometime after it was time to talk at their general assembly, but we were taking over the PA system that had the earlier assembly's mic to play Tout Va Bien. We then decided, after hearing what wanted to be said over the PA, to let them speak before we played the film. Two passionate speakers than went on for several minutes each in tirades against some new revelations from City Hall via a letter they just received in which they called for demands. A large crowd, some surely there prior to see the film, others running over to hear what the dissent from the mic was about, crowded around the speakers, and next to them a projector throwing a 60 foot paused Tout Va Bien on City Hall. The second and last speaker, a Cindy Milstein, ended her speech few minutes of political oration with "...and if they want to give us demands, we'll give them demands! And now a very important film about people taking power for themselves!" And as she walked off stage, we pressed play, and gave us one of the best introductions ever. 

To keep up with future stuff we'll do a City Hall and all our events which are the same as what we did last night, you can join our FB group, which is the best way to keep up with our events and get involved with our collective or you can bookmark our eventbrite page.

Although Shooting Wall is not a political outfit, we believe in the creation of community and the liberation of art/film art. Currently we live in a time that doesn't foster the creation of either. We also just really love left radical cinema, even if some of us in our ranks are not politically active or are not left wing. That said, there is no better group in this city to play some revolutionary films. 

Going to be projecting around 9pm onto the front of City Hall on the 15th & Market side.

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