Saturday, October 8, 2011


As a DIY collective we never charge for events and prefer to work with people that do the same (if they work with film and they primarily work with digital materials) from the standpoint of trying to be the most tactically viable in bringing the best film-that was made and will be made-to as many people as possible, especially in an age of video uploading, torrenting, etc.

Our system of doing things is getting ever more fine tuned, the next couple months then are going to be pretty big for us and the
film community in this city. 

The main thing we want to push is our Release Party Oct 15th 6pm-8pm @ Broad St Ministry (Eventbrite + Facebook). We're going to network with some of the mobilized filmmakers, art theorists, and those who want to be apart of an film/arts community over food and drink. During this we're going to drop the 3rd issue of the theoretical organ of our collective, our zine. After we will play our first omnibus film This Is Shooting Wall, in which 6 local filmmakers (a majority SW members) all made short films based on the theme of 'Sacco And Vanzetti.' Should be a unique night in the annals of film history. 

We're hard at work on our 2nd podcast and this time we got someone audio-based to design/edit it. It will be released the day of the release party and will have audio from our last Show & Tell event, an interview with Doug Sakmann about the demise of the 941 micro cinema, and a very unique interview with local filmmaker Dante Aleman (and you can see his month of amazing October events him and his wife organizes here).

Subscribe to the podcast.

Shooting Wall will be apart of a Zine Reading at the Wooden Shoe. We will preview some selections from our 3rd issue a day before it is released. Come out to support underground activities. 

As a collective we'll be descending onto the film festival October 20th-November 2nd like a critical menace with the aim of understanding the mainstream festival. Shortly on this blog and also at our release party we'll announce a list of a few films we think you should check out at the festival. During the festival expect almost daily posts on this blog. Then after the festival we'll have a wrap-up podcast.

Shooting Wall is a non-political outfit, but the aims of the Occupy movement fit into ours of a liberated commons. In our case, we believe in the liberation of art, especially film art. So to bring political discussion to the revolutionaries at Occupy Philly we'll be creating an outdoors micro-cinema and we'll be showing weekly to bi-weekly night screenings of revolutionary films. 

Now this is just October, we have already announced two events for November, but a 3rd will be announced at the release party. You can check out all our events here and you really should join our Facespace group if you read this blog, there we announce events, discuss things we should do, and you connect with local filmmakers and cinephiles to get help with projects and things.

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