Thursday, September 8, 2011


We're currently hard at work on our third issue of our zine, which will be out in late Sept-early Oct. In the midst of discussion about what the issue means and in-turn ourselves, we have started to come to some rough conclusions. On a night that I was feeling the stress of the failure of film theory and how I felt I was doing an epic task trying to fill in the gaps with a piece in issue #3, I made this chart:

In many ways an narcissistic exercise, this chart does though propose some of the ideas being thrown at each-other in our continued struggle. It suggests new ways-informed by our growing investigations into the successes of past film and art theory outfits admixed with our eternal interest in discovering the best ways to propagate and make good cinema-of confronting the current film situation. Overall, it has colors! And is "fun" and notes some of what we're doing as a group. If you like what you see, we're an open membership group so throw us a email and we'll discuss what ways you can get involved.

If you live outside of Philadelphia and feel the same apathy towards modern cinema as we do, please contact us. We feel our model of a film theory and action organization does offer a lot of tactically superior methods than the one film theory groupings in the academy or through reactionary newspapers currently find themselves. 


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