Monday, September 5, 2011

Redbox Rant or Every Redbox In Existence Should Be Systematically Destroyed In Order To Salvage Intellectual Integrity And Liberate The Masses From Bad Cinema by Leila Hilali

Walk into a Ralph’s or Walgreens and you see it lurking near the entrance. Stop outside a 7-11 and it will taunt you as you pass by. Nearly everywhere I go I spot this crimson parasitic menace from the corner of my eye; seemingly omnipresent and seductive to passersby. Its popularity amongst consumers stems from the fact that Redbox signifies the achievement of 21st century convenience. It offers cheap and accessible DVD rentals to an already sedentary and asinine society; greatly akin to fast food restaurants, Redbox being the McDonalds of movie rentals. Most of the DVDs available to rent are new and current releases. Naturally, the selection of titles it offers is repulsive to any sound cinephile (ranging from the latest Tyler Perry movie to straight to DVD releases). Entirely lacking in any cinematic diversity as well as human warmth, it disheartens me when I see a line form in front of a Redbox. I witness the tired miserable faces; young and old; waiting to get their fix of this detrimental sedative. Why is it that mind-numbing cinema resonates with the public? Is it because of sheer ignorance, conditioned idleness, and cultural conformity? Probably. As ardent cinephiles, we should no longer allow ourselves to accept what’s being crammed down everyone throats. First order of business: obliterate every single Redbox in sight.

-Leila Hilali

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