Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Shooting Wall is putting on a month of free screenings that will culminate in a discussion. We want to bring people to where we're at in terms of film-form. So we can embolden the local film community and start making revolutionary cinema in our small city.

All the films we're going to play have radical examples of film-form and narrative. We chose them due to their obscurity, dynamism, humor, and revolutionary qualities. We will do Shooting Wall member short films before each screening. Screenings will be projected with a high definition digital projector and will have a decent sound set up. Food will be provided for free or at low cost at each screening.

We're going to play clips from arthouse films, some of them being from the Shooting Wall camp, that advance film-form. We also will do an overview of Left cinema and how they need to get beyond the boring, talking head documentaries or preaching to the choir melodramas. To be truly revolutionary they will need to have revolutionary film-form to coincide with their politics. Our aim is then to suggest that revolutionary things can still be done with the medium. And that the Left needs to look back to film history to take from and then advance film-form if they want to actually make successful propaganda. 


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