Friday, June 3, 2011


This seems to be a film going in similar directions to Limits of Control and The American. Of the subdued action film, something that surely owes its existence to the work of Jean-Pierre Melville. While the film is well shot, with long takes, a semi-break with the handheld fetish of the moment, a unique color pallete, it lacks almost everything else. Relying I believe on tension, it lacks even that. It's attempt at pretension is even laughable. I believe it was trying to do some existential thing, with a major Camus-type moment, but then it still has unnecessary and predictable situations that ruin the existential and/or the tension.

I don't know how this film got made. A lot of seemed like they went out and shot pretty stuff then put it together at the end. Then actually repeated the pretty images again at the climax of the film during a flashback because I assume they literally didn't have anything else they could of done.

Also, yep, expect an American remake, as it is in the works. 

Fight back, skip this film, go watch Le Samurai


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