Sunday, December 12, 2010


Greetings Soldiers and Cinephiles,

As you can see from our below post, the first issue of Shooting Wall is out! You can either view or download and print the below or we have also placed hard copies in various strategic locations around Philadelphia, which any true Philadelphia cinephile should be able to find. I hope everyone enjoys and please forward us any criticisms or questions or if you want to dispute any of the articles in the next issue or on the blog, please do. We want to open up the film dialogue. We are also actively seeking contributions for Shooting Wall Issue # 2. The deadline for articles is Jan. 15th.

Shooting Wall has a lot of stuff we have been discussing and trying to plan for the new year, including screenings and meetings and possible film festival at some point? So keep checking the blog for updates.

There are a number of good screenings coming up in Philadelphia the rest of December. See below:

Now playing at the Ritz
White Material by Claire Denis. This one sounds like it could be quite good. Claire Denis is one of the best filmmakers working right now, so go see this film.
The Black Swan by Darren Arronofsky. This one is a bit contentious. As you can see from Karl's post, he doesn't care for Arronofsky. I think he started out pretty good and has been incredibly disappointing. This film? I can't say for sure, but check it out and see for yourself. Let's open up the debate on this one.

International House:
Lot of good things still coming this month at IHouse
Dec. 15th Le Amiche (The Girlfriends) by Michelangelo Antonioni
Dec. 16th The Searchers by John Ford
Dec. 18th Seance on a Wet Afternoon by Bryan Forbes
Dec. 20th Is it Fine! Everything is Fine! by Crispin Glover

That rounds out 2010 at IHouse. All excellent programs and they are going to be continuing with some excellent stuff next year as well.

Wooden Shoe:
Our friend Ben Webster will have two screenings coming up this month at Wooden Shoe
Tomorrow night, Sunday Dec. 12th a screening of Godard's La Gai Savoir
Dec. 19th Frederick Wiseman's High School.
I encourage everyone to attend these, if they can make it.

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